Bell Flavors & Fragrances Reveals New Trends at Flavorology Event 2017


Motivated by Bell’s Sparka trend program, Flavorologyb combined the newest flavor and technology trends to give customers samples inspired by regions around the globe. The event also featured an “Iron Chef”-style competition for industry chefs to create new and innovative ideas using Bell’s Spark program and Bell flavors.

Sections of the evening included a tour of the Polynesian Islands, cuisines from the Arab World, Late Night Japanese ‘pub’ food, “Sleep in, Brunch Out”, and finally the “United Plates of America”, where trends from each region were highlighted.

Polynesian Islands

  • Kona coffee liqueur
  • Spam musubi
  • Shrimp poke

The Arab World

  • Mint lebneh
  • Falafel hummus
  • Turkish tea

Late Night Japan

  • Sakura soda
  • Ginger geisha
  • Coconut mochi cake

United Plates of America

  • Raspberry lime rickey
  • Boston cooler
  • Mini hot browns

Sleep in, Brunch Out

  • Spicy honey
  • Whipped avocado goat cheese
  • Mango bloody Mary

Another component of the event was the test kitchen, where the elements of Earth, wind, water, and fire were invoked to bring fresh ideas, techniques of new and old, and global flavors to the table. New ideas from the test kitchen included: smoked vanilla pudding, salmon toast bites, and sticky toffee pudding.

“Bell’s Spark trend program has evolved over the years to become a dynamic program that analyzes different data points and generates trend insight for flavor and fragrance predictions and concepts. We were excited to ‘spark’ our customers’ interests at this year’s Flavorology event with Bell’s latest R&D concepts and innovations supporting Bell’s 2017 Spark trends,” said Kelli Heinz, director of marketing and industry affairs.

a Flavorology is a registered trademark of Bell Flavors and Fragrances

b Spark is a registered trademark of Bell Flavors and Fragrances

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