PROVA Encourages Creativity in U.S. with Revamped Laboratory


PROVA has updated its application laboratory by adding a creative workshop. This new workshop in Paris, France will enhance the application services for the U.S., bringing professional knowledge to global customers.

Bill Graham, PROVA vice president, said, “The creative workshop takes a proactive approach in monitoring and anticipating trends, working in concert with PROVA’s global marketing experts and subsequently offering their insights to our sales team. We anticipate that our findings will lead to the design of two new flavor collections each year, one in spring/summer and another in fall/winter.”

Return of Le Beller

As a part of the reorganization, Marie Le Beller returned to France to resume her role as the application laboratory manager. Beller and chef Christophe Vicente worked together to target the U.S. market

“Since Marie has previously worked here in the U.S. with PROVA’s flavor team in Danvers, she understands the U.S. market,” said Graham, “Our new creative workshop will allow Brian to collaborate with Marie and Christophe, and other PROVA applications specialists around the world, to form a global applications team that is focused on developing high-end, creative ways to feature sweet brown flavors.”

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