Fruit Flavor Trends on the Rise in the Craft Beer Market


With craft beer production on the rise, companies are striving to diffentiate its products by producing new fruity combinations using concentrated juices and flavorings.

The Brewers Association reported breaking numbers with craft beers, saying that “for the past decade, craft brewers have charged into the market, seeing double digit growth for eight of those years.”

These breweries are changing the industry with new flavors and ideas for craft beers. Using fresh ingredients is the preference of most brewers, but concentrates are easier to use for smaller and larger companies alike.

Daniel Wandel of the Chicago research firm IRI, explained, “In the craft space, we’re talking about fruit, veggie and spiced beers… I believe easily by the end of this year, it’s going to exceed a 15 percent share. You can see the bigger role flavors are starting to have within the beer category.” 

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