Firmenich TechnoChefs Share New Flavor Techniques

Firmenich recently held a week-long event in Princeton and New York City with the company’s global TechnoChef team, focusing on innovation and creating bold flavors through techniques that blend science with cooking.

During the event, Chris Young, co-author of the James Beard six volume set, The Modernist Cuisine, presented to Firmenich clients on “Creating Bold Tastes through Novel Food Concepts” while guests tasted culinary creations prepared by the TechnoChefs. Sous vide cooking, for example, is a modernist technique for cooking at low temperatures for extended periods of time to yield the most tender and flavorful foods. TechnoChefs focus on understanding why this method makes food tasty.

Firmenich scientists also shared updated research on new flavor techniques for creating bold flavors such as spicy, fermented, umami and smoked.

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