Wixon Launches Impact! Health & Wellness Flavor Modifier Program

Wixon Inc. has introduced its Impact! program, featuring its proprietary Mag-nifique flavor modifiers for health and wellness foods and beverages targeted at a variety of demographics.

The Impact! program is customized for:

  • Children’s Nutrition—The line of Mag-nifique flavor modifiers can help reduce or eliminate sugar, minimize salt, mask off notes and more. Common applications include low-sugar cereals, reduced salt beverages and better tasting whole grain snacks.
  • Sports Fitness—Mag-nifique flavor modifiers can mask aftertastes common in high-protein powdered drinks and energy bars, create flavorful low-glycemic products, minimize vitamin off notes and improve sweetness perception in low-calorie products.
  • Weight Management—Mag-nifique modifiers can enhance product satiety and amplify taste while reducing sugar, increasing creaminess perception and masking off notes. Applications can include low-calorie beverages and low-sodium meats and snacks.
  • Baby Boomers—Mag-nifique flavor modifiers can be used to enhance foods and beverages while masking aftertastes and reducing bitterness, sugar and sodium. They can be used in low-sodium prepared meals, coffee without bitterness and low-sugar desserts and treats.
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