Fresh Origins Introduces Herb, Flower Crystals

Fresh Origins will be introducing its brand new Herb Crystals and Flower Crystals products at this weekend’s Fancy Food show in San Francisco.

The company, which makes MicroGreens and Edible Flowers, says its Herb Crystals (available in basil and mint) and Flower Crystals (available in fennel and rose) combine all-natural colors and flavors of fresh herbs and edible flowers with pure cane sugar.

Their crispy texture and concentrated flavor can be used in salads and savory dishes, while adding crunch to baked goods and desserts. They also can be used in cocktails for flavor and to add a dash of color at the bottom of the glass.

Mini Herb and Flower Crystals—available in the same flavors but with a finer grain—will also be introduced and are best used for rimming the glasses of creative drinks and cocktails.

Fresh Origins products are available through specialty produce/food distributors nationwide, with plans for retail distribution in 2013. 

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