Symrise Offers Enzyme-Modified and Cultured Dairy Flavors

Symrise (Teterboro, New Jersey) has launched a line of enzyme-modified and cultured dairy flavors that possess the character of high-cost dairy ingredients, “unique performance attributes” and lower cost. The flavor range includes natural cultured cream varieties, natural cream, natural butter, natural buttermilk type flavor and natural cream cheese type flavor; they are compatible with other dairy ingredients and boost mouthfeel, while allowing for “natural” ingredient labeling. The flavors can be applied to baked goods, cookies, cakes/cheese cake, cream fillings, sweet toppings, sauces, ready-to-eat cereal, and cereal and snack bars in which they can “enhance flavors that might have been affected by harsh processing conditions and they deliver authentic dairy tastes, balancing the variances that are sometimes found in natural raw materials,” according to Carol McBride, category director, sweet business unit, Symrise. She adds, “They can [also] lead to the development of healthier products since these flavors provide formulating tools for your product development to create ‘indulgent’ creamy and dairy tastes where there may be nutrition or calorie concerns.”

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