Sony AI Partners with Korea University for FlavorGraph

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(Left) One of the paper’s charts; it shows how flavor profiles match to flavor compounds in a few different foods. (Right) Donghyeon Park at Sony HQ in 2019.

Sony AI has partnered with Korea University on an ingredient pairing tool called FlavorGraph, according to a Sony blog post.

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The ingredient mapping tool, FlavorGraph, works to predict the pairing of two ingredients by combining information on the molecules in a given ingredient with the way people have used that ingredient in the past. FlavorGraph sits on the data of 1,561 flavor molecules and of a million recipes.

These suggestions can be used to predict relationships between compounds and foods, hinting at new and exciting recipe techniques and driving new perspectives on food science.

The origins of FlavorGraph lie in the work of Donghyeon Park, Keonwoo Kim and Professor Jaewoo Kang. 

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