Flavour Manager Web Tool Assists With European Regulatory Compliance

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The Flavour Manager team keeps watch on regulations for up-to-date values and constraints on the use of flavorings.

Flavour Manager is designed for companies that want to ensure compliance with the European Union's flavorings and food and beverages regulations.

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All EU regulations are entered into databases and regulatory calculations are performed by algorithms that consider all data entered by the user. All types of foodstuffs and an infinite number of flavorings can be taken into account.

The Flavour Manager database contains of more than 2,700 basic compounds, both regulated and unregulated, and almost 800 restriction lines.

For the most complex cases, users can be assured of regulatory compliance in minutes, whereas a regulatory department may take days to return. In the case of regulatory non-compliance, the tool provides the maximum dosage of the flavoring(s), as well as details of the noncompliance points, allowing for quick actions to compliance.

Each time flavorings are used in foodstuff, a verification report is provided to the user, summarizing the calculated values, the regulatory limits, the different regulations used and the date of their last update.

Another feature includes a tool that allows users to organize their flavorings, ingredients and raw materials in their own library, with the ability to share information within an organization of other users.

Flavour Manager is a project conceived and developed entirely by QR Flavour Solutions, a consulting company specializing in food flavorings.

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