Patent Pick: Parsley Power


Think parsley is merely a sprig of green on the greater dinner plate of humanity? Think again. These inventors, from Takasago, have taken note of its antioxidant effects and are using it to suppress flavor degradation.

Flavor deterioration inhibitor
U.S. Patent Application 20160050966
Publication date: Feb. 25, 2016
Assignee: Takasago International Corp.

This invention describes a flavor deterioration inhibitor based on a solvent extract of parsley leaves that significantly suppresses the effects of light and heat on flavor.

According to the inventors, the physiological activity of Petroselinum crispum (parsley) is attracting attention. For example, flavonoids in parsley leaf extract have shown antioxidant activity in the blood.

The present inventors studied the flavor deterioration inhibition activity of a wide variety of natural-derived components and found that when a solvent extract of parsley leaves was used, the flavor deterioration of food or the like due to light, heat, oxygen, etc., was remarkably inhibited for long periods of time.

Furthermore, its effects were confirmed as not being dependent on the individual flavonoids in the parsley leaf extract, but as a unique effect of the whole extract itself, including said flavonoids along with other trace components.

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