FEMA Updates GRAS List

The interim generally recognized as safe (GRAS) list has now been updated on the Flavor and Extract Manufactures Association (FEMA) website.

It includes trans‐6‐octenal (FEMA# 4787), 2‐(((3‐(2,3‐Dimethoxyphenyl)‐1H‐1,2,4‐triazol‐5‐yl)thio)methyl)pyridine (FEMA# 4798) and (S)‐1‐(3‐(((4‐amino‐2,2‐dioxido‐1H‐benzo[c][1,2,6]thiadiazin‐5‐yl)oxy)methyl)piperidin‐1‐yl)‐ 3‐methylbutan‐1‐one (FEMA# 4802). 

Additionally, the interim GRAS posting also includes a change in FEMA GRAS status for quinoline (FEMA# 3470).


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