Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

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Benzoin Siam Resinoid F0383 50% DPG is described as: The sweet, vanillalike, balsamic notes of this product will reinforce character and add depth to vanilla flavors. It will also benefit toners for whiskey and rum. Other flavors that will benefit are root beer, sweet spices and their blends, cherry, chocolate and cream soda.

This issue also discusses the following materials:

Benzoin Siam Resinoid F0383 50% DPG, Fenugreek Absolute F1425 80% MPG, Fenugreek Resinoid P81303205000 50% MPG, Lavender Solid Extract MLAVSE1, Mate Absolute Alim 60% MPG, Mushroom Bollet Oleoresin F9119, Natural Banana Super Hinotes H0011, Natural Lemon Hinotes H0024 and Natural Passionfruit Hinotes N0031

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