Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: July August 2004

Gerard Mosciano is joined by Judith Michalski, senior creative flavorist, Edlong Flavors; Carl Holmgren, chief creative flavorist, director of flavor development, Brooklyn by Perfetti Ltd.; and Douglas Young, principle flavorist, Symrise, in the organoleptic evaluations presented here.

2-Heptanol (α Methyl Carbinol) Source: Fontarome FEMA# 3288, CAS# 543-49-7, Nature identical Natural occurrence: Blue cheese, butter, cheddar cheese, cocoa, coconut, cooked beef, corn, grape, raspberry, strawberry and tomato. Odor: @ 1.0 percent. Musty alcoholic, woody, tomato-like, stale creamy cheese-like, fatty and winey with a green creamy body. Taste: @ 2 PPM. Alcoholic, musty, stale creamy, cheesy dairy, bad coconut with an oily nuance. Possible applications: Creamy notes for cheese and butter, grape, apple, wine and cognac.

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