Flavor Ingredients for the EU and Beyond

The British Society of Flavourists recently held its annual Table Talk exhibition of flavoring materials at the Barbizon Palace Hotel in Amsterdam. The event featured 25 exhibitors and 176 attendees. Ingredient highlights are presented below:

Advanced Biotech’s α-ionone, chiral, natural was sweet, woody, with violet and floral nuances; styrallyl acetate natural had a green, mixed berries, rhubarb and gooseberry profile; indole natural was characterized as floral, animalic, pungent and earthy; and heliotropin natural was characterized as cherry, vanilla, marzipan and cream.

Axxence Aromatics presented natural β-damascenone (FEMA# 3420), which was characterized as fruity, floral and berrylike, and is appropriate for red fruit applications; natural prenyl mercaptan (FEMA# 3896) was characterized as hop, enhancing, burnt, roasted and beerlike, and is appropriate for beer applications; natural methyl thioisovalerate (FEMA# 3864) was characterized as sharp ripe cheesy, vegetative and tropical; and natural pyrazines mixture 24 (FEMA# 3149), which features 2-ethyl-3,6-dimethyl pyrazine as the main compound, was characterized as dry green, nutty, cocoa, coffee and dark chocolate.

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