Functional Ingredients, Encapsulation and Innovative Organizations: Highlights from the 12th Annual West Coast Flavor Industry Forum

Bone and heart health and mood and energy boosters were the focus of Rodger Jonas’ (PL Thomas) talk during the annual West Coast Flavor Industry Forum, which took place this spring at the Crowne Plaza in Garden Grove (Anaheim), California. Presenting Zembrin, a material used by indigenous peoples in South Africa as a mood enhancer, Jonas highlighted the desirability of mood enhancers, stress reducers and overall calming active materials in formulations. The material, which is 80% soluble in water and can be added to flavor systems, reportedly helps promote weight loss and maintenance, while also promoting mood and energy stability—perhaps even in pets. Similarly, the saffron extract satierial may help with serotonin reuptake inhibitors and weight management.

Meanwhile, vitamin K2 offers the hope of promoting heart health and fixing/slowing/preventing the effects of osteoporosis, said Jonas. Vitamin K2 can deliver calcium to key areas for stronger, more flexible bones, while also allowing the blood to accept more oxygen. The material can be applied in supplements, sports bars and drinks, dairy, bakery applications and more

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