Functional Flavor Profiles


Several times a year, beverage flavorist Kathi Sparks and members of the flavor chemist team at Wild Flavors take part in “proactive flavor” projects, developing lines addressing particular industry trends. This time, the team custom tailored a flavor range for the company’s health ingredients for beverages, nutritional bars and coatings, and other foods with functionality.

“Consumers are becoming more health conscious and have a strong desire for natural products,” says Sparks. “They want efficacious ingredients in both beverage and food products that taste great and are natural—and they want those products to be easily accessible.” As a result, Sparks and her colleagues regularly work on functional and low-calorie products, often using stevia extracts and other natural sweetener blends.

“We’ve always focused on natural flavors, ingredients and technology,” says Sparks. “It’s a really good fit for us. We’re continually searching out new natural impactful aroma chemicals and ingredients to formulate with.”

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