Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials- November 2019


Hibiscus kiiNotes KRN-11423

Supplier: Omega Ingredients

GRAS, CAS# 84415-19-6, Hibiscus abelmoschus, natural

Odor: @ 100%. Floral, fruity and berrylike.

Taste: @ 1%. Slightly floral, berrylike, petal-like and fruity.

Possible applications: On its own or in combination with flavors like cherry or raspberry, this essence will provide a refreshing note for beverages like tea, spritzers, carbonated water, etc.

Omega Ingredients:

Saffron (Spanish) kiiNotes KII-25272

Supplier: Omega Ingredients

FEMA# 2999, CAS# 86404-17-1, Crocus sativa, natural

Odor: @ 100%. Sweet, slightly spicy, brown, waxy, slightly floral and earthy.

Taste: @ 1%. Slightly waxy, brown, fruity and grainlike.

Possible applications: Extracted from the most expensive spice in the world, this product will add a note of luxury to any flavor it’s used in including Indian and Asian spice blends and brown flavors like caramel, tamarind, dried apricot and raisin.

Omega Ingredients:

Inca berry kiiNotes KII-53310

Supplier: Omega Ingredients

GRAS, Physalis peruviana, natural

Odor: @ 100%.Fruity, tart, slightly brown, sweet, berrylike and brinelike.

Taste: @ 1% Fruity, berrylike, brown, slightly bitter and astringent.

Possible application: Inca berry, aka cape gooseberry and goldenberry, with its tart, fruity profile will deliver an exotic quality to tea and fruit flavors like cherry and raspberry, tamarind and guava.

Omega Ingredients:

Habanero pepper essence natural #6133

Supplier: Advanced Biotech

GRAS, CAS# 97659-63-7, Capsicum chinense, natural

Odor: @ 100%. Sweet, fruity, vegetablelike, slightly smoky, cooked, spicy and savory.

Taste: @ 0.25 %. Green fruity, cooked, bell pepperlike and vegetablelike with a little heat.

Possible applications: This particular pepper essence will not only enhance cooked, savory notes in chili pepper flavors, but also vegetable blends for juices, tomato, spice blends and perhaps even strawberry jam flavors.

Advanced Biotech:

Timut pepper kiiNotes KII-52812

Supplier: Omega Ingredients

GRAS, Zanthoxylum armatum, natural

Odor: @ 100%. Sweet, citruslike, grapefruitlike, woody and slightly floral.

Taste: @ 1%. Citruslike, grapefruitlike, floral and green with an underlying tongue tingle.

Possible applications: Timut pepper is a close relative of timur pepper (Zanthoxylum piperitum) and bears many of the same profile notes. Its citrus and trigeminal notes will add depth and interest to citrus flavors, especially orange, mandarin, yuzu and grapefruit as well as rose, lychee, rambutan and mango.

Omega Ingredients:

Cocoa essence dark KCRT natural #6120

Supplier: Advanced Biotech

GRAS, CAS# 84649-99-0, Theobroma cacao, natural

Odor: @ 100%.Dark cocoa, sweet, brown and rich.

Taste: @ 0.5% ppm. Sweet, brown, dark chocolate and cocoa powderlike.

Possible applications: Any chocolate flavor will be enhanced with the use of this product. It will also add rich brown depth to coffee, tobacco, maple, and caramel flavors.

Advanced Biotech:

Passionfruit mercaptan natural, 1% in EtOH #1761 (3-mercaptohexanol)

Source: Advanced Biotech

FEMA# 3850, CAS# 51755-83-0

Natural occurrence: Grapefruit, passion fruit and red wine.

Odor: @ 0.01%. Green, tropical, pungent and savory.

Taste: @ 0.05 ppm. Alliaceous, tropical, catty, overripe fruit and passionfruitlike.

Taste: @ 0.1 ppm. Alliaceous, cruciferous, catty, green and tropical fruitlike.

Possible applications: The sulfurous nature of this material will emphasize catty, tropical notes in passion fruit, guava, black currant and mango on the fruit side and alliaceous notes in onion, garlic, radish, cabbage and wasabi on the vegetable side.

Advanced Biotech:

Goat acid natural (4-methylpentanoic acid)

Source: Natural Advantage

FEMA# 3463, CAS# 646-07-1

Natural occurrence: Dwarf white voodoo lily, banana, cayenne, mussels, bell pepper, pineapple and tea.

Odor: @ 100%. Cheesy, fruity, pungent, fatty and savory.

Taste: @ 5 ppm. Fruity, cheesy, berrylike, oily and slightly waxy.

Taste: @ 10 ppm. Fruity, waxy, cheesy, oily and berrylike.

Possible applications: This acid will perform very well in cheese flavors like chevre and especially those that are aged like Parmesan, manchego, blue and cheddar. It will also add very nice fruity notes to berry flavors like blueberry and strawberry.

Natural Advantage:


Supplier: Sigma-Aldrich

FEMA# 4616, CAS# 13019-16-4

Natural occurrence: Pork, tea and wheat flour.

Odor: @ 1%. Fatty, green, oxidized, waxy and fruity.

Taste: @ 0.2 ppm. Fatty, waxy, green and apple/pearlike.

Taste: @ 0.5 ppm. Green, waxy, fatty and lightly soapy.

Possible applications: This powerful aldehyde will enhance green notes in green tea flavors, vegetable flavors like cucumber and green pepper and fruit flavors like peach, apricot, apple, pear and green mango. At very low levels it will add fatty notes to pork and chicken flavors as well as macadamia and Brazil nuts.


Pyrazine mix VIII natural #1749

Source: Advanced Biotech


Odor: @ 1%. Nutty, musty, brown, peanutlike and caramellic with a cocoa top note.

Taste: @ 1 ppm. Nutty, brown, caramellic and earthy.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Sweet, burnt, caramellic, nutty, musty, earthy and brown.

Possible applications: Almost all brown flavors will be graced by this reaction product including roasted nuts like peanut, hazelnut, pecan, etc., chocolate, caramel, coffee, baked potato, baked notes, burnt sugar, tobacco, roast chicken and beef.

Advanced Biotech:

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