Supporting Your Innovations with NEW EveValencene™ 80%


EveValencene, pure innovation for flavor and fragrance applications.

EveValencene™ 80% is the latest addition to Evolva’s range of valencene products produced in the US. This high-purity valencene has a clean, fruity profile with woody after notes. Valencene 80% is an affordable, readily available and consistent quality product which is a perfect alternative to materials made from citrus.

Valencene is an ingredient found in the peel of oranges and in certain other plants. It is responsible for the characteristic scent of oranges. Until now, its use has been restricted by its high cost, limited supply and inconsistent product quality. By producing valencene via fermentation, rather than extracting it from orange peel oil, Evolva’s process allows valencene to be made in large amounts in a highly reproducible, sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Evolva’s Valencene 80% is the perfect solution for your formulating needs.

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