Patent Pick: A Nutty Brew


People Food recently featured three hacks to get every last smudge of peanut butter from the jar: stirring oatmeal into it (to scoop out and make your breakfast), ice cream (swirling it around for a nutty topping), or concocting a salad dressing right in the jar. The inventor on this patent application has a different nutty idea: brewing peanut powder for a hot drink.

Once powderized through an optimized processed, the peanut powder reportedly may be used like traditional coffee grounds by straining water through it. The strained liquid may then be consumed as either a hot or cold liquid, or as a base for added flavorings. Furthermore, caffeine may be added at any step in the process.

Peanut beverage
U.S. Patent Application 20160213046
Publication date: July 28, 2016
Inventor: J. Harrell

Specifically described is a method for making the peanut beverage by roasting a plurality of peanuts, having been removed from their shells, for 8-35 min at a temperature of at least 350°F. According to the inventors, this temperature produces the required flavor and boldness to place the peanuts more on par with coffee beverages. The term “plurality” is used as there is no set amount of peanuts to be roasted.

After the peanuts are roasted, the peanut oil is removed by conventional means such as chemical extraction or mechanical removal with a press. Once the oil is removed, the peanuts are made into a fine powder by grinding or pulverizing the peanuts using any conventional manner.

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