Comax Launches Pineberry Flavor


Strawberries are left in the dust with Comax Flavor’s new natural pineberry flavor for alcoholic beverages, simulating a strawberry flavor with a hint of citrus.

While consumers vote strawberries as the second most popular berry flavor used in beverage formulas, pineberry flavor introduces a new flavor option to the table.

The pineberry, also known as the Hula berry, is a white fruit with red seeds, showing the complete reverse of a strawberry in color. With a well-loved strawberry flavor built into the fruit, the pineberry provides extra citrus hints of pineapple to differ it from the average strawberry.

“Strawberry is a popular flavor across markets and we know younger consumers are experimental and seek new fruit flavors in alcoholic beverages. Recognizing this opportunity, Comax Flavors developed a natural pineberry flavor for alcoholic beverages. Our pineberry flavor engages consumers by combining expected and unexpected flavors,” stated Catherine Armstrong, vice president of corporate communications for Comax Flavors.

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