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Editor's Note: A Single Ingredient Can Tell Many Stories

One of the strengths of the F&F industry is its ability to connect people through storytelling. Each ingredient, flavor and fragrance tells a unique story through our sense of smell and taste.

F&F Literature Review: Value-Added Materials

What do 1,3-propanediol and flavor have in common? And how are skin sensitization assessments evolving past animal-free testing? Find out the latest in value-added materials.

Flavor Bites: Lauric Acid

Though largely used in dairy flavor applications, lauric acid with its mild long-lasting taste effect and mild odor can also be used in a range of savory, fruit and fermented flavors.

The Natural Flavor Market Grows Up

Despite restrictions due to regulations, the natural flavor market is seeing strong growth as consumer package goods position their portfolios to more health-conscious consumers.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials October 2018

This month’s column features discussions on blood orange essence oil, Timur pepper pure JE CO2 extract, tea tree oil, trans-5-octenal (pomelo aldehyde) and more.

Forward Thinking: Sweet Talk

Chocolate and candy innovation is being driven by global flavor inspiration from food and beverage trends, interactive chocolate and candy experiences, new distribution channels, customized and better-for-you candy, as well as functional ingredients and new technology.

Symrise AG's Sultanene

This ingredient offers juicy and fully ripe undertones and naturalness while creating a surprising effect in woody/oriental scents.

Natural Advantage's Methyl 2-Methylbutyrate

A natural and kosher ingredients that can add juiciness and freshness to alcoholic beverages, specifically rums and brandy

MilliporeSigma's Ethyl dimethyl dioxolane acetate, mixture of isomers, ≥97%, FG

This ingredient provides fruity and apple notes, which can be used in a range of flavor and fragrance formulations.

Firmenich's Fructalate

This ingredient can enhance the overall profile of the formula and give a strawberry effect.

Recreating Scents and Tastes With Aromyx’s Latest Software Tool

Magic Search allows users to deconstruct the EssenceChip measurement of a perfume or beverage into its constituent receptor responses, along with showing every possible recipe to make that flavor or fragrance.

9 Organic Food and Flavor Trends Taking Over the Grocery Store

A staple in the food and flavor industry, naturals are finding growth in plant-based products and new beverage formats.

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