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Sip on These 2019 Beverage Trend Predictions from Imbibe

From nostalgic flavors to globally inspired tastes, consumers in 2019 are looking for flavored products that provide them with comfort and functional benefits.

Firmenich’s Durarome Celebrates 50 Years

Part of Firmenich’s Encapsolution portfolio, Durarome sustains a product’s authentic taste throughout its shelf-life, from production to consumption across distribution channels.

Symrise Collection Adds A Splash of Tea and Coffee to Dairy Applications

The collection of ingredients not only imparts the flavor but provides masking benefits for astringent or sour notes.

Monell Center Celebrates 50 Years With Sensory Conference

The conference featured discussions on creating a guide to treating smell and taste disorders and how to improve the care and management of these conditions.

Symrise Nutrition Division Goes for The Gut in Latest Initiative

In partnership with Québec’s University Laval, the NSERC-Diana Food Industrial Research Chair on Prebiotic effects of fruit and vegetables polyphenols (PhenoBio) are designed to generate evidence supporting the development of new natural food ingredients to promote human health.

Symrise Takes Home Gold in German Sustainability Award

The company has won the award for its comprehensive sustainability strategy that promotes biodiversity and supports the living conditions of small-scale farmers.

IFF Recognized by Euronext Vigeo World 120 Index

The index recognizes companies that excel in the areas of human rights, human resources, corporate governance, business behavior, environment and community involvement.

Californian Lawmakers Stomp Out Youth Access to Flavored Smoking Products

The pair of bills, if passed, will restrict access to e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco products and will impose new restrictions on retailers.

Now Hiring: Senior Analytical Chemist at ADM

The position requires a scientist to have a strong background in flavor analysis, aroma chemicals, instrumental analysis, GCMS and GC/FID.

[Podcast] Manipulating Whisky Flavors With Ewan Morgan

The latest edition of the Two Sense podcast features a conversation with Ewan Morgan, national director of Diageo, at Flavorcon 2018.

Color Impacts Taste Confirms Penn State Research

Penn State research has found that color can impact the taste of food and beverage, confirming previous studies on the subject matter.

FDA Smokes Out Youth E-cigarette Use, FEMA Addresses Flavors

In the statement, the US regulatory authority outlined its efforts to evaluate flavored e-cigarette products, which might result in new policy changes. In response, FEMA clarified the use of FEMA-GRAS-approved flavors in human grade food only.

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