Welcome to Perfumer & Flavorist+ May 2022 Issue

Find out what’s trending, changing and on the horizon for F&F in the May issue.
Find out what’s trending, changing and on the horizon for F&F in the May issue.

The May 2022 issue is all about refreshing reads from industry experts. This month’s features cover innovations in mint and spices, as well as sustainability efforts in both the flavor and fragrance realms. Readers will also gain insight from leading companies in various markets, including aromatherapy, mint and menthol, as well as heating and cooling. Find out what’s trending, changing and on the horizon in the pages ahead.

Editor’s Note: Tracking Trends in F&F

Industry Insights: Discussing Market Developments featuring ADM, Givaudan, Lebermuth, RCB International Ltd., Robertet, ShengYuan and Van Aroma, Indonesia

Industry News with headlines from Kerry, Firmenich, Mane, LanzaTech and Symrise

Product Roundup featuring BASF, MilliporeSigma, Hangzhou Grascent Co., Ltd., ShengYuan Flavors and Fragrances Co. and Oqema 

Profiles: Bill Aslanides (Synergy Flavors) and Maud Chevalier (Sozio)

Flavor Bites: Allyl Isothiocyanate by John Wright

How Do Perfumers Create? with Quintis 

Part 2 of 2: F&F Ingredients: A Changing Market by Alain Frix

Skin Benefits of Sacrosantol: A Reconstituted Sandalwood Oil Based on Natural and Biotechnology-derived Ingredients by Avani Mainkar, Ph.D., and Pranjali Dhawal

Refine-Mint: How to Leverage Mint Characteristics for Any Application by ADM's Tim Chambers

Spices and Herbs, Ground or Extracts: Can You Taste the Difference? by Kalsec's Shane T. McDonald and Robin Boyle

Advancements and Opportunities in Natural-product Extraction: Green Enabling Technologies and Alternative Solvents by Christian Cravotto and Giancarlo Cravotto

Perfumer Notes: Ambrocénide by Sozio's David Maruitte

Site Visit: P&F+ Explores Sensegen, Sweegen & T. Hasegawa

The Countdown to World Perfumery Congress 2022

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials by Bell Flavors & Fragrances Cyndie Lipka

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