American Chemistry Council Launches Advocacy and Awareness Campaign

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) announced the launch of a new energy advocacy and awareness campaign, called From Chemistry to Energy.

For the announcement, Cal Dooley, ACC president and CEO, was joined by members of Congress and business leaders on Capitol Hill. “In order for our economy to grow, U.S. industries to innovate and compete globally, and businesses to create new jobs, a national energy strategy is critical,” said Dooley. “Through this campaign, we will promote the development of sound energy policies that support these goals, while highlighting chemistry’s role in enabling a strong, secure and sustainable future for the United States.”

“Many people don’t realize that the chemistry industry is the foundation of America’s manufacturing sector,” said Jim Gallogly, CEO of LyondellBasell. “Chemistry creates the basic building blocks for countless products Americans rely on every day, as well as 96% of all manufactured goods made in the U.S.A. Abundant, affordable domestic natural gas has created a new competitive edge for American chemistry, and it’s driving a renaissance in U.S. manufacturing.”

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