Symrise Particpates in Miami Art Garden


In an event that is the first of its kind for Symrise, the company is participating in a botanical artwork exhibit from Dec. 1–4, 2011, at the Art Basel Miami Beach through a fragrance contribution. The exhibit, André’s Garden, will offer an experience that combines an exclusively designed fragrance with an exclusively garden. The spa of the Standard Hotel in Miami Beach will feature André’s Garden, and the installation will offer botanical attractions that showcase fragrances. The scents from Symrise were specifically created by perfumer David Apel on the basis of New York luxury hoteliers André Balazs Properties’ ideas.

“As a perfumer it's surprisingly rare to be given such a type of visual, olfactory and most importantly, emotional inspiration. André Balazs Properties have a crystalline vision of what they want. With that vision and with the inspiring garden I began my creative work. Verde was created as a vision of the lush green ‘walls’ that enclose the garden space and envelop the observer with lush tropical humidity dripping down from green leaves. Incense into the Sea was centered more on the surrounding elements, bracing notes of the sea air with warm mineral sands, and sun-bleached teak to add a salty woody sensuality. My hope is that these fragrances add to the experience provided by André Balazs Properties and the Garden of the Standard Hotel Miami Beach,” explains Apel, a senior perfumer at Symrise North America.

SixScents initiated the aesthetic artwork with the goal of developing special fragrances. Inspired by the scent creations, SixScents designed a garden that allows both perfume and art lovers to experience the ingredients used in the fragrances in a unique way. For the installation, they created two hanging upside down gardens, and garden makes it possible to perceive one of the scents created for the Standard Spas. Verde fuses with the air in the hammam hallway, and Incense into the Sea gives a fresh touch to the shady swing lounge outside. The fragrances also served as olfactory inspiration and the basis for designing the botanical installation.

For André’s Garden, SixScents transformed the plants, flowers and spices contained in the fragrance into botanical sculptures. Doreen Bucher, vice president of the fine fragrance marketing scent and care division for North America Symrise, said, “A big thank you goes out to the extraordinary people from SixScents who brought us into contact with André Balazs Properties. Together with Dave Apel we have created a unique exhibit that combines, for the first time, two fabulous mediums of art: perfumery and botanical sculpture. We were flattered that they chose the expertise and creativity of Symrise perfumery to create the fragrances to match the atmosphere of their resorts.”

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