Fragrance Trends

In addressing the question of future fragrance trends, one must first understand the past. Perfumery is a worldwide art and science that has a heritage dating back thousands of years.

The real origin of perfumes comes from the orient and especially from Egypt. The Greeks were great perfumers utilizing essences and aromatic plants for both pleasure and for medicinal purposes. The Roman emperors brought perfume to a high level of use for all occasions.

Concurrent with the reign of Henri III (1579-1589), who was a lover of violet in powder and of amber and used it from head to toe, the use of perfumes expanded from royalty to the bourgeois and finally to the people.

During the reign of Louis XIII (1610-1643), perfumes tended to consist mainly of musk, civet, myrtle and iris. For example, “eau des anges” was distilled water from myrtle flowers. Under the reign of Louis XIV (1643-1715) perfumes were harsh, spicy and resinous.

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