The Time Machine of Dreams

The evolution of fragrance as well as the interesting position in which the industry finds itself today didn’t “just happen.” The beginnings of growth and change started out very conventionally. They were slow, structured, planned, certainly routine and based on past history, sometimes ancient history. But those beginnings, that evolution, has finally taken us to a place I call the last fragrance frontier; a frontier that captures a similar sense of excitement as walking on the moon or the exploration of space.

This is because it offers the promise of expanded sensory awareness. A world like no other. A world that no longer addresses fragrance or scent, per se, in the conventional sense of the word, but marries, intermingles, captures and channels the power and mystique of fragrance into the universe of sight and sound into a total “scentsory” experience!

The Beginnings

The application of fragrance for personal use marks the very beginning of the fragrance “scentsation” or experience and involves the conventional forms, uses, applications and products with which we are all familiar. It is not to say, however, that within this more or less traditional category, new products, packaging, concepts and fragrance extensions aren’t being developed all the time. This is a result of more sophisticated technology, research and demand. A good example is the time release “Fragrance Patch,” a very interesting and contemporary new concept born out of pharmaceutical research and only introduced on a commercial basis late last year.

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