Point of View: Natural Fragrance Ingredients


What are Natural Fragrance Ingredients?

I have defined natural fragrance ingredients as volatile aromatic compounds found in plants. This includes essential oils, floral extracts (concretes and absolutes), exudates and oleoresins. For purposes of this article I am also including fl oral waters and botanical extracts.

According to Freedonia, a market research group, today’s essential oil and natural extract market is around $2 billion, or 11.6 percent, of the world fragrance and fl avor market. That fi gure has doubled since 1989, refl ecting increasing consumer demand for “all things natural,” whether soft drinks or shampoos. Today’s consumers are far more educated and discriminating in their consumer product choices; this has had a major impact on how companies market their products.


Truth in labeling laws have become a friend or foe to many companies engaged in the business of fragrance and beauty care. Those embracing it have found a way to endear themselves to health-conscious consumers, building brand loyalty through innovative product development and consumer marketing. Today, new natural products used in personal care are being introduced so rapidly that it is hard to keep up with the most recent advances. We in the industry now hear of antioxidants called extremozymes, which are volcanic organisms, in addition to others such as cranberry seed oil, pequi, and maracuja, which contain natural fatty acids like omega-3 and omega- 6, and polyphenols.

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