Beyond BRIC: Aromatic Ingredients of Paraguay

Beyond booming fragrance consumption, Latin America produces a great array of aromatic materials. During a presentation at the 2011 International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades meeting in Barcelona, Spain, Raul Amigo (Amigo & Arditi SA) outlined the ingredients of Paraguay. The country produces traditional essential oils such as Mentha arvensis, cabreuva wood oil, guaiacwood and petitgrain.In recent years, M. arvensis and cabreuva wood oil exports have declined. Current annual Paraguayan production totals are as follows, according to Amigo:

• Petitgrain: 190 tonnes • Guaiacwood: 170 tonnes • Eucalyptus citriodora: 40 tonnes • Mentha arvensis: 38 tonnes • Cabreuva wood oil: 16 tonnes • Eucalyptus globulus: 10 tonnes

Petitgrain is grown by many small producers, typically family operations. Some distillation of wild material does occur. Distillation is typically “rustic,” according to Amigo. The resulting oil has no domestic market. Instead, Europe takes 69% of the total; North and South America, 23%; and Asia, 8%. Some organic oil is available.

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