The Last Word: Joy Atkinson

"The market ... is highly competitive," says Joy Atkinson, Firmenich's newly named vice president of body and home care, North America. "Every single consumer packaged goods company (CPG is fighting to maintain market share and, while doing so, maintaining profitability." Atkinson, whose responsibilities include categories such as hair care, soap, deodorant, detergents, air fresheners, and household cleaners, says that her customers are examining every product facet in order to squeeze out costs: advertising; packaging, including the type and wall thickness of plastics; and fragrance. Fortunately, she says, "Fragrance continues to be a key decision maker [for consumers]. Now is the time to be creating and capturing value with our clients through innovative fragrance experiences that deliver what the consumers want most ... knowing that they made the best choice for their money. We know that [fragrance] is a continued driver for consumers to purchase and repurchase products."

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