Born in the U.S.A.: IFRA NA Delivers “A Symphony of Senses”

“Everyone has a favorite scent or perfume, but rarely do they stop to think about the artistry and science that goes into creating the scent,” says Jennifer Abril, president of the International Fragrance Association North America, following the organization’s recent reception for some 200 lawmakers and staff at the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, DC.

The event, “A Symphony of Senses,” provided a rare opportunity for legislators and staff to interact directly with a trio of perfumers who each presented a perfume inspired by a different musical genre. It also afforded the fragrance industry with a chance to communicate the role of fragrance in a vast array of products, including household and laundry, air care, beauty, personal care and fine fragrance. Finally, the event provided U.S. lawmakers and staff with a greater sense of the scale of the fragrance industry’s employment, intellectual property holdings and export power.

“The U.S. fragrance market is the largest in the world,” says Steve Tanner, president of Arylessence and board member of IFRANA. “Our perfumers are creative and innovative, and our industry is a global leader in fragrance safety, protecting the sustainability of ingredients and materials, while insuring the quality and acceptance of products made in the U.S.A. Our fragrances and the myriad of brands that use them bring pleasure and excitement to consumers across the country and around the world.”

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