Past trips and future excapes

This is a fascinating moment in time--when we are all busily assessing the past and attempting to crystal gaze into the future. When the American Society of Perfumers held its first symposium in 1954, it is rather fascinating to note that according to every record I could find, not one fragrance was introduced on the American market. In 1979, 30 women's fragrances and 20 new men's scents debuted.

In the 26 years that have brought us to this remarkable state, we have witnessed a revolution in which American women have moved from using one fragrance once a week, on special occasions only, to wardrobes or fragrance to be enjoyed every day, the core of the change was the hippie revolution in the 60s that brought thousands of young people together for a summer of love in San Francisco. It was then that musk incense was burned to cover the smell of pot. Infatuation with the fragrance led to musk oil for the skin. The demand for musk reverberated through the hallowed halls of our industry. For the first time, a street trend affected the fragrance marketlplace. The result, as we all know has been a dramatic increase in the enjoyment of fragrance and the sense of smell.

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