Report: Recent Fragrance Usage Evolution

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Fragrance purchasing and usage were paused during the pandemic, but NPD data shows most consumers have returned to the category.

A recent NPD report on the rebound of fragrance explores consumers’ usage and purchasing trends since 2020.

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While many fragrance users paused their usage during the pandemic, NPD data shows most of them have returned to the category. Less than a quarter of all users are still wearing less fragrance than they did before the pandemic.

NPD data found that 74% of fragrance purchasers bought in-store, where there is a greater ability for hands-on testing and sampling.

When it came to longer-lasting fragrances, 70% of fragrance consumers are willing to pay more for a higher concentration.

It was also found that 64% of fragrance consumers say Instagram influenced their fragrance purchases, driven heavily by Gen Z and Gen X.

Environmental and social causes are also a big influencing factor, with 33% of consumers looking to buy from a brand with a cause.

In the last 12 months, 89% of consumers reported using home scents.