Consumer Misconceptions of Fragrance-free Products


Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) and Johnson and Johnson Consumer Inc. have released a report about the myths and misconception of consumers that purchase fragrance-free products.

As consumers continue to scrutinize labels and ingredients of products, some are opting for products without fragrances. To study the fragrance-free consumer, NMI recruited 149 consumers who indicated that fragrance-free played a significant role in their purchase, among them 89% self-identified as having fragrance sensitivity and 11% said that a medical doctor diagnosed them with a fragrance allergy. Once recruited, the survey respondents were asked to take pictures of up to 10 personal care products and upload them to a survey and answer questions about the use and whether the product contained fragrance or not.   

Once the survey was concluded, the recipients had uploaded a total of 558 personal care products. Of the products uploaded, consumers believed that 245 (44%) of the products were fragrance-free, while in actuality 84% of all the products contained at least one fragrance ingredient. On identifying products with fragrances, the discrepancy was less distinct. Of the 313 products that were thought to have a fragrance ingredient, 94% of them did.

To learn more about the findings, read the study here.  

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