Patent Pick: Iso-eugenol Replacement


Patent Picks are chosen by the editors from publicly available sources. Today's pick relates to oxime ethers as powerful, color-stable replacements for iso-eugenol.

Oxime ethers as color-stable iso-eugenol replacements
U.S. Patent Application 20150299614
Publication date: Oct. 22, 2015
Inventors: F. Flachsmann, A. Natsch and J.-P. Bachmann

According to the present patent application, there remains a need for fragrance ingredients to partially or completely replace iso-eugenol. These should be non-allergenic and exhibit good color stability upon storage under accelerated conditions.

In relation, the oxime ethers of the present invention are reported to provide this solution. They also are uncharacteristically powerful; 3-ethoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde O-methyl oxime, for example, is comparable in strength to ethyl vanillin.

Furthermore, these inventors have found the oxime ethers are color-stable; i.e., when dosed in a colorless consumer base at 0.02% and stored for 4 weeks at 45°C, the bases remain colorless. In comparison, bases containing iso-eugenol and iso-eugenol replacers such as vanillin, at the same concentration, became discolored, appearing with yellowish, orange, peach or brown hues.

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