Symrise Goes on Scent Expedition to Tasmania

Symrise recently sent several of its employees on a scent expedition to Tasmania, where they experienced a range of new scent impressions that will be used to create new fragrances.

Scent expeditions are an important part of the training and education offered at Symrise's Perfumers' Academy. In this trip to Tasmania, Symrise fragrance specialists visited various places such as Cape Grim, which, according to scientific research, has the cleanest air in the world. They also explored the island’s Tarkine Rainforest, one of the oldest and most undisturbed plant ecosystems on the planet.

Karen Solari, vice president, home care marketing, scent and care, North America, commented on the expedition, “Based on the results of a recent consumer study, we wanted to concentrate on the concept of purity. That's why we decided to make the place with the purest air our destination for this expedition. The rainforest, on the other hand, allowed us to experience a plant and scent environment unlike any other, providing us with new horizons for fragrance creation.”

Because the area’s protected plants cannot be taken back to Symrise’s homebase for research, the team traveled with its own mini-laboratory, allowing the researchers to analyze new scents from the leaves, blossoms, tree barks and grasses directly on location. Fragrances from indigenous plants such as pink leatherwood—lichens that grow on coastal rocks—and the rare Huon pine wood were collected and now belong to the new expanded repertoire of Symrise's perfumers. The results of this expedition will now be developed into new fragrance concepts for both fine fragrances and home care and will be applied to customer-focused products in the near future.

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