RIFM Releases Group Summary on Saturated Branch Chain Alcohols

RIFM released its latest group summary, "A Safety Assessment of Saturated Branched Chain Alcohols when used as Fragrance Ingredients," published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, Vol. 48, Supplement 4, July 2010, on on its website.

The group summary on saturated branched chain alcohols and its related fragrance material reviews (FMRs) consists of 20 materials: 12 primary, five secondary and three tertiary alcohols. These alcohols share common structural elements and are used in decorative cosmetics, fine fragrances, shampoos and toilet soaps, as well in non-cosmetic products such as household cleaners and detergents. The Expert Panel is of the opinion that there are no safety concerns regarding these fragrance ingredients under the current declared levels of use.

The group assessment approach is based on a structural relationship, enabling consistency in predicting metabolism and toxicity and conserving resources by reducing duplicate testing. The group summary publications and related FMRs provide the scientific and regulatory communities with all the toxicological data available to RIFM on these fragrance ingredients. This includes RIFM sponsored studies, company sponsored studies and data that appear in the peer-reviewed literature. They provide the Expert Panel’s safety assessment of these groups and support the structure of RIFM’s safety assurance program. They are also used by industry to meet REACH requirements. Anne Marie Api, RIFM vice president, human health science, said, “The group summary approach is part of our proactive program. We now have 10 group summaries and more than 200 FMRs published.”

There are plans to publish group summaries on macrocyclic ketones, macrocyclic lactones and lactides, aryl alkyl alcohols and aryl alkyl alcohol simple acid esters.

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