Study Targets Candy Aroma Release

The journal Food Chemistry is publishing an article titled, “The dynamics of aroma release during the consumption of candies of different structures, and relationship with temporal perception,” available online Feb. 10, 2011, discussing how the eating techniques—melting or chewing—of candy, as well as its texture, affects the dynamics of its aroma release. The article, which was authored by Isabella Déléris, Anne Saint-Eve, Fanny Dakowski, Etienne Sémon, Jean-Luc Le Quéré, Hervé Guillemin and Isabelle Souchon, showed that the researchers found aroma release to be determined by the interaction between a candy product's properties and respective oral behavior. Other research highlights included showing the gelatin content of candies typically didn’t have an effect on the physiochemical properties of the studied aroma compounds, as well as that candies’ structure modified aroma release was affected by aroma molecules and product constituents, and people’s oral behavior with the candy.

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