RIFM Publishes Three New Group Summaries

The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) has released three more Group Summaries and their related Fragrance Material Reviews (FMRs) for publication. “Toxicologic and Dermatologic Assessments for Three Groups of Fragrance Ingredients: 1) Related Esters and Alcohols of Cinnamic Acid and Cinnamic Alcohol; 2) Ionones; 3) Salicylates” was published in a special supplement of Food and Chemical Toxicology (volume 45, supplement 1). The three Group Summaries and 70 FMRs were authored by RIFM’s Expert Panel (REXPAN) and RIFM staff, respectively. 

RIFM previously published Group Summaries and related FMRs on linalool and cinnamyl acid, alcohol and aldehydes in Food and Chemical Toxicology. There are plans to publish more Group Summaries on non-cyclic terpene alcohols, cyclic terpene alcohols and aryl alkyl alcohols. You can download the special supplement by going to www.rifm.org/pub/publications.asp. (Source: RIFM)

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