IFRA Reports Full Cooperation with Compliance Program

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) (Brussels, Belgium) has reported that 100% of market products selected for testing at random in the May 2006–May 2007 period met IFRA Standards. An external independent lab found no IFRA-prohibited materials at levels above 0.01%, the "no-concern" level. The confidential analysis of 50 products—15 eau de toilettes, 15 shampoos and 20 powder detergents—were drawn from a random selection of 457 global products marketed by IFRA member companies (144 eau de toilettes, 149 shampoos and 164 powder detergents).

The May 2007–May 2008 period will see the analysis of of products from 10 countries selected at random.

Of the results, IFRA director general Jean-Pierre Houri said, "We are delighted by the results of the first round of the Compliance Policy. We thought that we ought to take this brave move as it is crucial to the reputation and credibility of our industry that we verify in actual life if our Standards and Code of Practice are fully respected. Of course the respect of the Code of Practice is a condition for the membership of our association and we were reassured by our members, when we launched an inquiry in 2006, that it was fully respected. However, it is very rewarding to verify that it is a reality."

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