IFRA’s New Code of Practice

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has announced that it has issued the first ever complete revision of its Code of Practice published orginally in 1973. The new IFRA Code, adopted by the General Assembly on October 25, 2006, reflects the current state of knowledge and today’s scientific and business environment. It applies to the creation and manufacture of fragrance compositions and use of all fragrance materials, for all types of applications. In addition, it contains the full set of IFRA Standards.

Some of the most important amendments that the revised Code of Practice includes are references to new policies such as the new Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) method for fragrance sensitizers, the Compliance Program, the requirements for fragrances used in children’s toys and the potential skin effects of oral care products. The revised Code is structured in one main body text and eight appendices:

Appendix 1—IFRA membership and IFRA contacts

Appendix 2—IFRA committees

Appendix 3—IFRA statutes

Appendix 4—Community relations

Appendix 5—Safety evaluation of fragrance materials

Appendix 6—IFRA recommendations for Good Operating Practice (GOP)

Appendix 7—Definitions

Appendix 8—IFRA Standards

The new Code of Practice can be consulted and/or downloaded from the following location of the IFRA web site: www.ifraorg.org/news.asp.

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