A Novel Technology to Study the Emission of Fragrance from the Skin

This article challenges the common belief that people percewe a fragrance by the relative volatility of its components, According to this belief, a fragrance is described as having a top note, a middle note and a bottom note. A new technology has now been developed to prove that this is not so, A fragrance actually is perceived by the diffusion of molecules. This diffusion is an inherent property of the compounds and is independent of their molecular weight, boiling point and odor threshold or odor value.

By means of this technology we have shown for the first time that, depending upon the fragrance, various skin may or may not have a significant effect on the emission of fragrance molecules, in this article, both the technology and the results will be discussed in detail.

The Aura

When the sun is totally eclipsed by the moon, as it is in the accomparying photo (Figure l) taken from National Geographic magazine, the surrounding glow is called the “aura.” Similarly, if we consider a drop of fragrance, the molecules surrounding the drop form an aura of that particular fragrance.

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