Cleaning With Bacteria: Counter Culture Launches Probiotic Products


Counter Culture has launched its line of probiotic cleaning products, which was on display at Natural Products Expo West on Mar. 6-8, 2019.

Instead of using traditional chemical cleaning agents, the products use beneficial bacteria and the bio-detergents to clean surfaces. Formulated with purified water, 13 probiotic cultures, lactic acid and organic essential oils, the line of products includes an all-purpose cleaner and air and fabric refreshers in lemongrass and geranium scents and a floor cleaner concentrate in both lavender and lemongrass.

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“Since the industrial revolution when household cleaning products were first introduced, category innovation has been limited,” said Michelle Perkins, founder of Counter Culture. “Green cleaners entering the scene in the 1990s were essentially less effective, cleaned up analogs of mainstream offerings, but with the same fundamental ideology that all bacteria is bad. Counter Culture is a true category disruptor, challenging the status quo regarding what ‘clean’ really means. We believe that removing all bacteria, both good and bad, does more harm than good. Rather than killing 99.9 percent of bacteria, our products use friendly bacteria to populate surface areas and clean effectively.”

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