Sarah Baker Bats A Lash With Jungle Jezebel Release


Sarah Baker Perfumes has released its latest fragrance, Jungle Jezebel.

Created in collaboration with independent scent designer Miguel Matos, the fragrance is inspired by cult film star and singer Divine and features top notes of orange, banana, grapes, peach and bubble gum; heart notes of rose, tuberose, ylang-ylang, amber and sandalwood; and base notes of civet, vetiver, vanilla and Tonka bean. The fragrance was officially released on Dec. 10, 2018, during a public ceremony and is currently available on the brand’s website.

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“Often the creative starting point is an inspiring, strong woman, but the juices take on a life of their own. When people ask which are for women and which for men, I prefer not to comment because fragrance is about everything from personal scent memory to culture,” said Sarah Baker. “For example, one of my fragrances that sells almost entirely to women in the West sells to far more men in the Middle East. And one fragrance that I personally think of as very ‘masculine’ has more women buying it. I think it should be the customer who decides which fragrance is for them.” 

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