Lucta Gains DfE Certification for Four Products

Fragrance company Lucta now offers four fragrances that have been DfE-certified under the new 2.0 DfE criteria. These include its lemon citrus product Lemovert, its apple product New Manzana, its product Orange Extra, and its floral citrus product Orchad. Helping provide a competitive edge in the marketplace, these DfE-certified fragrances are environmentally safe and beneficial, and Lucta is expecting more of its products to be DfE-certified soon.

“Our goal is to stay in the lead for creating DfE-certified fragrances,” says Jodi Wilson, fragrance account manager, Lucta USA Inc. “Companies are looking for ingredients that will help them meet ongoing consumer demands with their end products. The stakes for being environmentally aware continue to grow, and we’re very pleased to be leading the way through our fragrance technology.”

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