Elixens Releases Lavender, Lavandin Market Reports

Elixens has released a market report on lavender, citing how the organic and French organic lavender markets have been degraded in light of industry shortages, weather conditions and market speculation. Noting its dedication to a long-term production sites in France for lavender products, the company also highlighted its alterNAT Lavender product, which is made of 100% organic lavenders and is ensured of a reliable supply, helping to overcome the risks of speculative increase in price of lavender essential oils.

The company also released a report addressing the lavandin market. The report explains, “At this final maturing stage, the lavandin market is particularly tense. Lavandin grosso is rare. Speculative phenomena have already led to a substantial price increase. The market will remain complex until the arrival of the new crop. Carryover stocks are very low if at all existent. The use of fresh 2011 harvest shares will be out early to supply the market.” This has caused Elixens to recommended booking these materials early. However, the company also noted that production rates, particularly in Ukraine, are increasing and the lavandin market should strengthen moving forward. It also suggests if companies wish to use lavender in product development, they either seek synthetic solutions or opt for an assembly “of the World” 100% pure and natural Lavender from several origins if a 100% pure lavender material is needed.

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