The of a Development and Introduction New Perfumery Chemical

The synthesis of new chemicals is one of the principal activities of the research and development program of International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (IFF). These new chemicals are extremely important tools which fuel the perfumer’s creativity. Consequently, the majority of new IFF chemicals are first commercially used by our own perfumers in a fragrance or a specialty base.

Many of these new chemicals are possessed of extremely powerful odours and are synthesized for use as trace components in either natural product reconstitution or “caricatures” of same. Thus specialty bases, Oliffacs® and other replacement products, will contain many such chemicals that are not marketed as separate entities. Nevertheless, a good percentage of these new products are eventually offered to the world’s perfumers.

Sourcesof New Chemical Concepts

Ideas for new chemicals may emanate from the specialists involved in the many activities that support the R&D effort:

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