Fragrance & Music Creation—An Entertaining Analogy

Musical themes such as that for L’air Du Temps graphically illustrate the widely recognized connection between fragrance and music. It’s in the air. Both fragrance and music travel through the air to be perceived. Both elicit an emotional response. Both have the ability to evoke vivid images of previous experiences.

There are many common terms to fragrance and music, e.g., notes, blend, harmony, balance, accent, composition, modifier, mood, hot or cool, soft or bold. Both can be evocative, refreshing, invigorating, exhilarating and both are the result of the blend of science and art.

Based on our personal experiences each of us responds individually to the various stimuli. However, there seems to be a greater enjoyment when many people, especially our peers, also experience the same emotional satisfaction from a common stimulus. This is what artists of all types, perfumers or performers, consciously or subconsciously try to achieve—ideas and emotions that can he shared with many by way of a universal language. This is the intangible common denominator of all art forms. How does one go about creating an intangible? How can one produce an artistic product that touches many in a positive way? A difficult question. I suspect most artists first try to please themseIves and, if they am fortunate, find themselves in tune with many and are hence “successful.”

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