Olfactory Training of Worldwide Assurance Personnel Quality

We propose to discuss the problems involved in marketing quality fragrance products all over the world and the solution we have developed for one of the most perplexing of them. How do we go about selecting and training quality control personnel with the needed olfactory skills in order to staff this myriad of locations?

A typicrd mrnruticturing company producing at only one site baa relatively simple quality assurance needs. An on-site quality assurance department can check the specifications of both incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products in a more or less stmightfmwaml manner. Traditional wet and instrumental methods are satisfactcny for insuring quality.

If that cnmparry is in the cosmetic and toiletries business, however, the necessary analyses are considerably mom complex. In addition tn the more routine physical and chemical measurements, there must be a subjective olfactory evalrration of incoming fragrance compounds as well as nther critical raw materials. Then the process must he repeated as cosmetics and toiletries are manufactured and prepared for shipment. Finally, stocks of raw materials and finished goods in inventory must be evaluated periodically to ensure maintenance of quality.

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