Carbon Dioxide Extracted Ingredients for Fragrances

In today's competitive world of fragrances, all creative perfumers are constantly seeking new, better ingredients or improvements in old ones.

Since the turn of the century, we have taken giant steps forward in the synthesis of aroma chemicals. Now, new low temperature technology is being used to improve the extraction of some old, well established, popular natural products, the essential oils. This new low temperature extraction technique employs carbon dioxide.

CO2OL Extraction

The use of liquid carbon dioxide as a solvent in a selective extraction technique is not new; it has been known for decades. However, after several years of development, Pauls has reached the stage where we can confidently offer a commercial range of extracts to the creative formulators of the world, Cool extraction of essential oils utilises low temperature, between 0 and +10°C, and high pressure, between 8 and 80 atmospheres. This is a variable technique and the optimum conditions for each natural product are determined experimentally. (See Figure 1)

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