Process to Formulate Hypoallergenic Jasmin Oil

As a major cosmetic company, we cannot put our products on the market without taking their safety into consideration. These days fragrance materials have been considered suspect in connection with cosmetic contact dermatitis. Our efforts to isolate and identify allergens contained in jasmin oil and to develop hypoallergenic jasmin oil permitted us to formulate our products with safe fragrance materials.

Even though jasmin oil is an extremely important natural oil used to formulate perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries, this natural oil is one of those materials that has heen reported by dermatologists to cause positive reactions in patients with cosmetic contact dermatitis. Its aIlergenicity has become a great concern of cosmetic scientists.

Contact Allergenicity of Jasmin Oil

Table I is an example of clinical studies related h the contact allergenicity of jasmin oil. Dr. Sugai, a Japanese dermatologist, reported a list of Japanese standard allergens in the order of the incidence of positive reactions when tested with patients with contact dermatitis during the period of September 1973 to December 1981. Eighty-one out of 1346 patients showed positive reaction at 1% concentration of jasmin oil.

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